Our family’s is rooted in the land: The Aceniche Valley, a magical land, where our forebears planted not only our family tree but also the vines where every harvest was the reward of their daily toil.

Allow me a nostalgic moment to tell you how it all began:
My grandmother, Josefa “la Balcona” (so named because her house boasted a balcony), was valiant and enterprising. Finding herself widowed with children in a post-civil war Spain she built the first ‘bodega Balcona’ to provide wine for her workers.

My mother, Dolores “la Balcona”, married Antonio “el Partal” and the vineyard continued to steadily grow and in the fifties my father became a founding member of the village’s first co-operative.

Everything continued in the same way… my four siblings “learned to prune before they could walk”… until 1997 when Josep Lluis Pérez Verdú, of the Mas Martinet (Priorat) Catalan wine area, inspired us with his philosophy, his way of cosseting the vines and his vision of producing great wines; wines for cellaring where the passing of years was a virtue.

A privileged environment, a widespread experience as winegrowers and the aspiration of producing Bullas wines that would hold homage both to the land and to the people that made the harvests possible… this is how Bodega Balcona was created, and this is how Partal came to be.

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